The CA 2000 digital alcohol breath analyzer is a hand held, portable BAC (blood alcohol content) detector for personal and professional use.

   The CA 2000 alcohol detector measures blood alcohol concentration simply by breath analysis.

   Tests blood alcohol level with high accuracy. Easy to use. Immediate results. Reusable. Portable and compact.


  Display : 3 digit digital (X,XX% BAC/BRAS)

  Detecting range : 0,00-4,00 (Promile)

  Accuracy : 0,1 at 1,00

  Wide Detection range : 0,00-0,40% BAC

  Sensor : highly selective semi-conductive oxide alcohol

  Response time : 3 sec

  Warm up time : 20 sec

  Recovery time (sensor pure) : 30 sec

  Recovery time : 20 sec

  Battery : 9V alkaline

  Battery life : 200 tests

  External power supply : 12V DC adapter included

  Dimensions : 120 x 60 x 20 mm

  Weight : 200 g


General info The CA 2000 is a highly sensitive semiconductor sensor (reactive to alcohol substance). It allows you to receive fast results for sucessive testing. Can operate after long periods. Less than 20 sec. of warm-up is ready for testing. Then blowing just a few seconds is sufficient to complete the analysis and to display the results. The sensor can be purged in less than 30 seconds for the next testing. If the result is beyond the legal limit, an alarm will sound automatically.

Use Forpublic safety officials, corporate officers, business managers, personal or public use.

gram of alcohol in blood/

per litre of blood

0,5 g/l

0,8 g/l

(approx. 3 glasses of wine)

2 g/l

risk of accident is multiplied by






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