The Audit 105 hand held ultrasonic thickness gauge measure the thickness of engineering materials. 

   The Audit 105 provide users with on optimum combination of economy, accuracy, robustness and simplicity of operation. 



  Range : 1,5 to 99,9 mm in steel

  Resolution : 0,1 mm

  Accuracy : +/- 0,1 mm +/- 1 digit (or 1 %)

  Dimensions : 151 x 82 x 33 mm

  Weight : 0,29 kg

  Calibration : steel

  Power : 2 AA alkaline cells, internally mounted

  Environmental Protection : Sealed IP65



Description The Audit 105 is exceptionally tough, yet well finished instruments. Electronic micro circuitry is housed in a rigid hermetically sealed ABC case, with a front panel membrane ensuring excellent environmental protection. The standard DT25 probe is specially constructed to withstand the most arduous operating conditions and the roughest of handling. An integral probe lead is connected to the durable stainless steel probe housing via a flexible fitting to reduce the risk of breakage. The cable is further protected by a covering sheath, and connects to the instrument via a robustly constructed plug. An alternative DT 15 probe, with separate lead, is available. The DT15, used with a spring loaded holder, is able to locate accurately on curved surfaces down to a radius of 10 mm.

User industries Audit ultrasonic thickness gauges have found ready applications in a wide variety of industries, including : Road Transport, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Warehousing, Food Manufacture, Railways, Shipping, Offshore, Civil Engineering, Process Industries, Defence, Aircraft, Glass, General Engineering, LPG and mains gas distribution, Mechanical Handling, Plastics, Mines Quarries, Engineering Insurance, Water Distribution, Fabrication, Paper, cement, Forges & Foundries, Tubemaking.

Standard Equipment

- Instrument

- DT25, 5 MHz, probe fitted with integral probe lead

- 2AA alkaline cells

- Operator Manual

- Mouldede plastic transit case

Optional Equipment

- DT15, 5MHz, probe, fitted with subvis connectors

- Twin probe cable for use with DT 15 probe

- Probe holder to allow use of DT15 probe on curved surfaces down to a radius of 10 mm

- Carrying pouch, attachable to belt

- Extra long life Lithium batteries



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