The Audit 107 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is designed to satisfy users who have to inspect a wide variety of materials. The user is able to set the appropriate velocity of sound for the material under test, or can elect to calibrate the instrument against a standard sample of known thickness.

   This unit is environmentally protected to IP 65, and its standard DT25 probe has proved its ability to withstand extremely arduous operating conditions. 



  Display : 4 digit LCD

  Range : 1,2 tot 200 mm or 0,050 tot 7,999 in ( steel )

  Resolution : 0,1 mm or 0,001 in

  Accuracy : +/-0,1mm, +/-1 digit or +/-1 %

  Calibration range : 2000 tot 8192 m/sec

  Power : 2 x alkaline cells, type AA

  Battery life : approx. 70 hours contonuous use

  Low battery warning : LO on a display

  Auto power off : 60 seconds after last use

  Display retention : 5 seconds from probe lift off

  Environmental protection : IP65

  Temperature range / storage : -20 to + 70C

  Temperature range / operation : -5 to +55C

  Dimensions : 151 x 82 x 33 mm

  Weight : 290 g


General Specification The Audit 107 is a microprocessor controlled precision instrument housed in a rigid injection moulded plastic case, with front panel membrane ensuring excellent environmental protection.

Calibration User definable  velocity of sound for the material under test.  Range from 2000 to 8192 m/sec (787 to 3224 in/10m sec) available.

User definable thickness during measurement, allowing standardisation on known thickness sample.

Standard equipment

- DT 25, 5 MHz, probe fitted with integral probe lead

- 2AA alkaline cells

- ultrasonic coupling agent in 125 ml container

- full user manual

- operator instructionsin laminated plastic wallet

- moulded plastic transit case

Optional Equipment

- DT15, 5 MHz, probe fitted with integral probe lead

- measuring cable for DT 15 probe

- DT21 high temperature probe (150C) (3-100 mm)

- measuring cable for DT 21 probe

- Twin probe cable for use with DT15 & DT21 probes

- DT23 high temperature probe (400C intermittent) (3-100 mm)

- measuring cable for DT 23 probe

- Twin probe cable for use with DT23 probe

- DT22 miniature probe (8mm dia.face, 2-100 mm, top entry integral cable)

- DT24 miniature probe (8 mm dia.face, 2-100 mm, side entry subvis connectors)

- 1B5X low profile probe (1.2-200 mm, side entry integral cable)

- TCE20-2.5, 2.5 MHz, probe (3-200 mm) for attentuative materials,3-200 mm

- Probe holder to allow use of DT15 probe on curved surfaces down to a radius of 10 mm

- lithium battery (extra long life)

- Carrying pouch, attachable to belt

Data Validity A decimal point only display indicates that the probe/workpiece coupling is inadequate, or that an overrange measurement is being attempted

Use The Audit 107 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge kan be used in auto-, moto-, airplane-, aircraft-, train-, boat- and other transport production, servicing and transport use industries, chemical and petrochemical industry, food equipment and production industry, etc.

Guarantee Comprehensive 2 year guarantee.


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