Easy to use high accuracy multifunctional panel mount controllers of different DIN size. Fuzzy Modified PID heat and cool control.     

  The BTC x100 series are manufactured with custom designed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology which contains a 18-bit A to D converter for high resolution measurement and a 15-bit D to A converter for linear current or voltage control output. The ASIC technology provides improved operating performance, low cost, enhanced reliability and higher density.


  Easy to use

  Multifunctional : temperature - linear - ...

  Display : bright double 4-digit stabilized with digital filter

  Universal input : PT100, thermocouple (J,K,T,E,B,R,S,N,L)

  Resolution input : 18-bit A-D

  Sampling : fast A-D rate (5 times/s)

  Digital communication : RS-485 or RS-232

  Power supply : 11-26 or 90-264VDC/VAC

 Analog output : linear current or voltage

  Resolution output : 15-bit D-A

  Programming port : provided on board

  "Dwell Function"; "Soak Function"

  Lockout protection control

  Power : 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz,10VA, 5W maximum

             11-26 VAC/VDC, 10VA, 5W maximum

General information The Fuzzy Logic PID microprocessor-based controller series, incorporate two bright, easy to read 4-digit LED displays, indicating process value and set point value.

The Fuzzy Logic technology enables a process to reach a predetermined set point in the shortest time, with the minimum of overshoot during power-up or external load disturbance.

Three kinds of method can be used to program these units.

1. Use keys on front panel to program the unit manually.

2. Use a PC and setup software to program the unit via RS-485 or RS-232 COMM. port.

3. Use a hand-held programmer to program the unit via programming port.

Fuzzy Control The function of Fuzzy control is to adjust PID parameters from time to time in order to make manipulation output value more flexible and adaptive to various processes. The results is to enable a process to reach a predetermined set point in the shortest time, with the minimum of overshoot and undershoot during power-up or external load disturbance.

Digital Communication The units are equipped with RS-485 or RS-232 interface card to provide digital communication. By using the twisted pair wires there are at most 247 units can be connected together via RS-485interface to a host computer.

 Lockout Protection According to actual security requirement, one of four lockout levels can be selected to prevent the unit from being changed abnormally.

Digital Filter A first order low pass filter with a programmable time constant is used to improve the stability of process value. This is particularly useful in certain application where the process value is too unstable to be read.

SEL Function The units have the flexibility for user to select those parameters which are most significant to him and put these parameters in the front of display sequence. There are at most 8 parameters can be selected to allow the user to build his own display sequence.


BTC 4100 BTC 7100 BTC 8100 BTC 9100
96 x 96 x 55 mm 72 x 72 x 65 mm 48 x 96 x 65 mm 48 x 48 x 116 mm



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