Control / Monitor / Alarm via GSM mobile phone, no distance limitation. You can control, monitor and receive alarm in any place over the world. All set values are saved into EPROM IC.

   Use Short Message commands from mobile to enable or disable analog input alarm, switch input alarm and set relay output on/off. Intelligent application, innovation, wide range, no limitation.


  Display : Dot-matrix LCD with back light

  GSM Modem : 900/1800 MHz, dual bands

  Switch inputs : 8 inputs

  Reaction time input : 200 ms, min

  Analog input : 8 cannels (4 to 20 mA)

  Relay outputs : 8 relays

  Operating temperature : 0 to 50įC

  Operating humidity : < 80%RH

  Power supply : 9V DC

  Size : 193 x 149 x 46 mm

  Weight : 592 g


Via SMS :

- enable or disable Analog input alarm (High alarm, Low alarm)

- enable or disable switch Input alarm (close alarm) via SMS

- set relay output On/Off

Analog Inputs: system can preset 4 mA and 20 mA input value according the real measuring value and setting display unit. It can read actual measuring data via the SMS (Short Message) requested, such as CH1= 28.0 C, CH2=53.7 %RH, CH3=7.01 pH, CH8=230.5 ACV.

Input impedance : 125 Ohm.

Input resolution : 12 bits A/D converter.

Relay output function : Relay 1 to Relay 7 can be controlled by mobile via SMS. Relay 8 is the alarm relay used to connect to field alarm system.

Relay max load : 1 ACA/250 ACV; 1 DCA/24 DCV.

GSM mobile modem (dual band) built in.

Check and transfer data to GSM at any time from all channels with indicating of measuring value, status of Switch input and Relay output. Connection to 2 telephone numbers to send alarm SMS.

SMS command will be duplicated by confirmation message to GSM.


- operation manual

- AC (100-240 V) / DC (9V, 1Amp)

- power adapter

- antenna



- Industrial remote monitor / control / alarm system

- Industrial security system

- Home security system

- Building supervision

- Industrial system

- Pumping station

- Power station

- Agriculture usage

- Animal husbandry

- Water supply system

- Railway systems / Vehicle

- Energy system

- Water clarification

- Heating power plant

- ...



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