Easy to use, reliable and built to last, the 2000 series has been specifically developed in order to meet the performance and cost demands of today's industrial and HVAC professionals. 

A range of LCD digital manometers for users who want simple and accurate pressure measurement. The manometers are suitable for air or liquid pressure measurement and find applications in heating and ventilation, gas flow, hydraulic systems, leak detection, process plant pressure checking and pump performance tests. Available in 6 different range options. 


  Display : large LCD with backlight

  Scales : mbar, bar, PSI, inH2O, inHg, mmH2O, mH2O, mmHg, cmHg, mHg, Pa & kPa

  Operation temperature : -10C to +50C

  Battery type : 2 x 1,5V type AA

  Battery life : 200 hours

  Low battery check : symbol appears on display

  Standard  functions : backlight, verlichting display, autoranging, Hold

  Overrange / Underrange : "out shows on display

  Environmental Specifications : IP67 (as std) with hose connected

  Auto switch-off time : 12 minutes

  Accuracy : 0,1% rdg +0,1% FS +1 digit @ 20/30C

  Accuracy : 0,15% rdg +0,15% FS +1 digit @ -10/50C

  Automatic zeroing

  Size : 155 x 67 x 40 mm

  Weight : 180 g

Functions  Logging Mode, for storage, retrieval and output of readings, autoranging displays for precise readings, min/max, everage, logging and leak testing.

Logging functions  preset Interval Logging lets you determine the frequency at which reading are taken. One the instrument has been set, readings are taken automatically at the interval you decide (from once every minute, to once every 24 houts), providing an excellent means of trouble-shooting and examining trends over a given period of time.

With Preset Interval Logging, you really can "set it, forget it", as the instrument will continue logging until a maximum of 250 readings are taken or your data is downloaded.

Data can be vieuwd and analysed direct from the magnified display. Data can be downloaded to a PC or Epson compatible printer via Digitron DigiLink and can be analysed using DigiLow Windows software.

Models & range

2000P : 25 mbar

2001P : 130 mbar

2002P : 2 bar

2003P : 7 bar

2004P : external transducer

2005P : 2 bar absolute (4 bar) with zeroing to local barometric pressure

2020P : 25 mbar max/min,

2021P : 130 mbar max/min,

2022P : 2 bar max/min,

2023P : 7 bar max/min,

2024P : externe transducer,

2025P : 2 bar absolute (4 bar) with zeroing to local barometric pressure

2080P : 25 mbar,  logging function,

2081P : 130 mbar, logging function,

2082P : 2 bar, logging function,

2083P : 7 bar, logging function,

2084P : external transducer, logging function,

2085P : 2 bar absolute (4 bar) with zeroing to local barometric pressure

Accessories  As an option a Protective Bootnis available.




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