Digitron Intrinsically Safe manometer are certified for use in inflammable or explosive atmospheres. P200 manometer functional in not only a hazardous atmospheres but also round envoronments.

   P200 I.S. are ready to use with non-corrosive, non-ionic liquids and gases. Liquid pressure can be measured using an air buffer.


   Accuracy : 0,2% F.S. (15-25C)

                  : 0,3% F.S. (0-15C, 25-50C)

   Operating temperature : 0C to +50C

   Temperature compensation : 0C to +50C

   Battery Type : 9V 6F22 (PP3S) or other zinc carbon equivalent with I.S. approval

   Battery life : 300 hours +

   Display : 12,7 mm LCD with automatic legend display

   Low battery check : BAT' shows on display

   Environmental specifications : IP64 Standard

   Dimensions : 140 x 70 x 26 mm

   Weight : 250 g

   Certified to EEx ia IIC T5




P200UL   0-19,99mbar/0-100mbar

P200L     0-199,9mbar/0-500mbar

P200M    0-199,9mbar/0-1000mbar

P200H     0-199,9mbar/0-2000mbar

P200XH   0-1999,9mbar/0-7bar

P200AH   0-199,9mbar/0-2000mbar abs.



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