ThermaCheck is a simple, reliable temperature recording system for HACCP compliance within the Food Industry. Its simple set up and download procedure from your PC allows easy analysis and storage of your data and eliminates the need to use traditional paper based systems.

   ThermaCheck samples, validates and records critical temperature points at multiple locations or process accurately storing over 10,000 readings. ThermaChecks management software allows efficient and effective corrective action within food processing, storage and preparation areas. 




  Measuring range : -40C to 300C

  Accuracy : 0,3C (-20C...+70C); 0,5C elsewhere

   Resolution : 0,1C

  Memory : 1MB, non-volatile

  Readings : over 10000  in total

  Sensor type : T type thermocouple

  Sensor open circuit : indicated on display

  Operating temperature : -10C to +50C

 Over/under range : indicated on display

  Display : backlit LCD, 128 x 64 pixels

  Battery type : two AA rechargeable batteries

  Battery life : 45 - 72 hours

  Auto Switch-off : selectable

  Size : 155 x 68 x 40

  Weight : 237 g (with batteries)

Key Features

Data can be sorted by product, location processes or user

PIN code access allows identification of user on data acquisition

Visualisation software allows easy viewing and analysis of data in table or graph format

Eliminates potential for false or inaccurate measurements

Software compatible with Windows NT and Windows 95 onwards

Database Supports upper and lower specifications for 200 different product types each with 20 different processes or locations. Supports 20 different users identified by PIN code entry.

Number of readings Supports 2500 individual product readings complete with product type, process/location, reading and user. Over 10,000 readings in total.

Data Recovery Via interface cable and ThermaCheck user software.

IP Rating IP67

Measuring range -40C to 300C (With over/under range indication).

Temperature response Depends on probe type and housing used.

Time and date Real time clock, accuracy better than 40 seconds per month at ambient.

Calibration Type T to BSEN 60584-1/DIN 43710.

Power source Two AA rechargeable batteries.
Can be recharged with a 4.5V DC power adaptor plugged into the power socket of the PC interface cable. (rechargeable cells only)

Typical battery life Between 45-72 hours depending on battery type (without backlight)

Low battery check Indicated on display

Case material Polycarbonate/ABS

Warranty 12 months (excludes any batteries)

Calibration : by Bercu nv (see extra info >>)

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