With EJB 2123 you can easy check the smallest places which you can not reach!

   On the wireless monitor of the EJB 2123 wireless camera you can see clear picture of problems in difficult reachable places (wires in a wall, tubes in a house, search for the serial number of parts of an engine without replacement, ...) 

   This multi-purpose inspection camera can help you to safe time and money and do your inspection without damages or unpredictable delays.



  Colour monitor : 704 x 576 pixels   (186 x 145 x 41 mm)

  2 built-in bright LED lights for illuminating dark areas

  Night vision range : 1,5 m

  Effective wireless range : up to 8 meter

  Picture sensor : CMOS

  Horizontal view angle : 50

  Camera head diameter : 9 mm

  Flexible tube/fiberscope : 1 m (extension possible : 1 m)

  Memory : micro SD Card 8 GB (not included)

  Waterproof : IP 67(camera & flexible tube)

  Power/battery  : 4 x AA

  Weight : 530 g (instrument), 140 g (monitor)

Camera  With the strong light of a camera with night vision you can observe your object in dark locations.  With flexible tube with very small camera in the ed of the tube (diam. 9 mm) is possible to investigate the smallest places to find a problem without damages or demolition.

Display/ monitoring/ memory

EJB 2123 supplies with wireless colour LCD monitor which provides high accuracy visual inspection.

Detachable wireless 3.5" color TFT LCD display can be viewed from a remote location up to 32ft (10m) from the measurement point.

Very useful is that the monitor has DVR-function to safe your picture on an SD card. Because of it u can to show pictures to others and/or make report or offer based on this image(s), etc.

Accessories  EJB2123 is delivered complete with 4 AA batteries, microSD memory card, SD adaptor, USB cable, extension tools, video cable, 100-240V AC adaptor, stand and storage case.

Application  Ideal applications: water restoration, HVAC and refrigeration, electrical inspection, automotive, pest control.

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