Digital portable WBGT-meter - Heat Index Checker / Heat Stroke Prevention Meter / Heat Stress Meter for measuring of dangerous heat conditions and for prevention of heat stroke on working places or by sportive activities. It is an ergonomic, compact, and rugged instrument designed to monitor heat stress potential of personnel in hot working environments and heat stress in sport.  

   Measures heat index (WBGT), temperature (TG & TA) en humidity (% RH). WBGT index is used for integrated evaluation of thermal environments to manage health care in prevention of heat stroke.



 Range Globe Temperature (TG) : 0-50C

  Range Air Temperature (AG) : 0-50C

  Range Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) : 0-50C

  Relative Humidity Range : 0-100% RH

  Resolution : 0,1C; 0,1%RH

  Accuracy Globe Temperature (TG) : 1C

  Accuracy Air Temperature (AG) : 0,6C

  Accuracy Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) : 2C

  Accuracy Humidity Range : 3% RH

  Audible alarm for thermal condition monitoring

  Data monitoring, connecting to PC for data analyse

  Battery life : 100 hours (2 x AAA)

  Response time : 15 sec.

  Black ball size : 40 mm, h= 35 mm

  Size : 29,4 x 48,7 x 254 mm



Info Using of Heat Index Checker is widely recommended by American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American College of Sports Medicine, US Army, Sports Medicine Australia, Japan Amateur Sports Association, Japan Sports Medical Science Committee and the other authorized groups advocates:

Work :

Work & rest regime

Permissible limits (C WBGT)
Light work Moderate work Heavy work
8 hours continuous work 30,0 26,7 25,0
75% work - <25% resting 30,6 28,0 25,9
50% work - <50% resting 31,4 29,4 27,9
25% work - <75% resting 32,2 31,1 30,0

Sport :


> 31

Stop exercises, cancel activities (except special occasions)

28 - 31 Avoid hard exercises, marathon or others which required large amount of heat load
25 - 28 Frequent rest breaks and hydration (drinking of water) is recommended
21 - 25 Hydration (drinking of water) during rest breaks is recommended
< 21 Low risk of heat stroke but proper hydration should be encouraged, drink water is necessary

Sport for children, outdoor activities :


> 29,4

Stop exercises, cancel all athletic activities

26,1 - 28,9 Children who haven't yet acclimated to the heat or who are at higher risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses should stop playing and get out of the heat
23,9 - 25,9 Frequent rest breaks, cooling off and hydration (drinking of water) is recommended each 15 minutes
< 23,9 Low risk of heat stroke, all activities are allowed but proper hydration should be encouraged, drink water is necessary; continuous checking of heat-related sypmtoms

Standard accessories: 

- Manual

- AAA battery

Calibration : by Bercu nv (see extra info >>)

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