Digital sound level meter gives possibilities to measure level of noise with indication of digital display with analog graph. Auto/Manual ranging gives wide possibilities for indication and data updating.


  Range A weighting : 40dB-130dB 

  Range C weighting : 45dB-130dB

  Accuracy at 94 dB,1KHz : 2dB

  Analog Output : AC 0.707Vrms (F/ S)

  Operation Temperature : 0-50C, 10-90%RH

  Storage Temperature : -20 - +60C

  Quasi-A nalog Bar indicator : 1dB display step, 

     30dB display range, updated every 50ms

  Hold : Max./ Min.

  Record : Maximum Hold

  Microphone : 10mm Dia. electric condenser microphone

  Battery life : 30 hours typical (9V)

  Meter size : 57 x 230 x 44mm (8925)

Main functions 

Digital display of sound level.

Measurement frequency ranging 300 Hz to 8000 Hz.

A & C weighting selectable.

Quasi-Analog bar indicator : 1 dB display steps, 50dB display range, updated every 40ms.

Auto or Manual ranging selectable.

Fast & Slow response selectable.

Maximum hold.

Record Max./ Min.

Microphone : 6mm (Dia.) electric condenser type.

Large 3-1/2 digit LCD display.

Auto power off : 20 min after non-operation.

Low battery indicator.

Monitor the sound levels from traffic noise, alarm systems and workplace machinery.

Standard accessories: 

- Manual

- AAA battery



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