EJBX616 is a robust, accurate and very light portable gas detector with audible, visual and trilling alarms in the event of exposure to Flammable or Toxic gases with a strong INOX alligator clip. Full functions, easy operation.

  Direct detection of concentration of 4 Gases simultaneously on the colour (NEW!) display: O2, CH4, CO & H2S (C3H8, H2, Cl2, NH3, SO2 by request).

  EJBX616 gas detector is suitable for a host of applications in a variety of industries. Integrated, shock-resistant housing for the most of robust surroundings.



  Display : digital LCD

  Gas sensors : LEL, O2, H2S, CO (C3H8, H2, Cl2, NH3, SO2 by request)

  Calibration : automatic

  Alarm : audible, visible, trilling/vibrating

  Housing : robust with crocodile clip

  Datalogging : optional

  Operating temperature : -20 to +50C

  Humidity : 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

  Pump : internal

  Full self-test of: sensor, battery, electronics and acoustic, visual, trilling alarm

  Power : DC3.6V Li-on battery, 1800mAh

  Environmental specifications : Ex ibd IICT3; IP65

  Dimensions : 116 x 66 x 30 mm

  Weight : 200 g


Gas detection ranges :
Range Oxygen (O2) : 0-30%Vol
Range Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) : 0-100 ppm
Range Carbon Monoxide (CO)  : 0-1000 ppm / 0-2000 ppm
Range Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) : 0-100 ppm
Range Chlorine (CL2) : 0-20 ppm
Range Methane (CH4) : 0-100% LEL
Range Propane (C3H8) : 0-100 % LEL
Range Hydrogen (H2) : 0-100% LEL
Range Etanole (C2H5OH) : 0-100% LEL
Range Ammonia (NH3) : 0-100 ppm

Gas sensors type : catalytic (LEL), electrochemical (O2, H2S, CO)

Datalogging and Set Up Package - CD-Rom, communications adaptor and user instructions

Certification :
- EJBX616 is certified to EEx ia IIC in accordance with European Standards and consequently meets the most demanding requirements for intrinsically safe equipment
- Explosion-proof grade : Ex ibd IICT3
- Protection grade : IP65

Application :
- Oil & Gas, Steel refinery Industry
- Coal Mine
- Communication, Chemical
- Underground Coal Mine, Pipeline, and Explosive area



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