EJB-RAD1 is easy to use dosimeter/radiation meter for professional and private users. Shock resistant.

   Sensitive Geiger-Muller detector in seconds controls radioactive contamination (β-radiation/β-radionuclides & gamma (γ) radiation) of environment. Audio signal by each register of gamma-quantum and beta-particle.



  Display : LCD-display

  Radiation measuring : Sv/h, mSv, 1/(cm*min), MeV

  Beta radiation (90Sr+90Y) : 10-100000/cm*min

  Gamma radiation : 0,1-999,9 Sv/h or 0,001-9999 mSv

  Gamma & X-ray radiation energy : 0,05-3,0 MeV

  Response time : 5 sec

  Timer with date and clock setting

  Battery type : 2 x AAA

  Battery life : 6000 h

  Alarm : visual and audible

  Operation temperature : -10 - +50C

  Weight : 200 g

  Dimensions : 52 x 120 x 26  mm

General info  Dosimeter EJB-RAD1 is used for control and measure radiation level of environment, industry processes and in food and agricultural products. There are three independent measuring channels which detect radiation level on the LCD display.

The dosimeter checks and detects radiation level continue, even in the "sleep"-mode and calculates the total radiation level at each time-set (duration can be manage by user).


Audio and visual alarm indicates very high concentration of radioactivity which is dangerous for human organisms.

Application :

1. Radiation level measurement of Gamma- and X-ray radiation

2. Radiation level measurement of β-radiation

3. Detection and check of radiation level of environment, industrial processes and food/agricultural products.

4. Educational purposes for high schools and universities.

Delivery KIT :

- instrument

- batteries

- leather case

- instruction manual





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