This pH meters are ideal for measuring pH in the laboratory or in the field.

   The ETI 8000 digital pH meters are a simple, accurate and reliable means of measuring pH over the range of 0 to 14pH with a resolution of 0.01pH.

   The units incorporate manual or automatic temperature compensation. Conveniently located is the side mounted on/off switch and the BNC pH probe socket is positioned at the top of the instrument for ease of use.

   Easy to read LCD display with 'Open Circuit' and 'Low Battery' indication.



  Display : 12,7 mm LCD 

  Measuring : 0 to 14 pH

  Resolution : 0,01 pH

  Accuracy : 0,02 pH 1 digit

  Battery : 9 Volt, type PP3 / MN1604

  Battery life : 200 hours

  Sensor type : elektrode cell

  Dimensions : 147 x 80 x 36 mm

  Weight : 210 grams


Applications include swimming pools, fish farming, electro-plating and food processing etc.

Kit The ETI 8000 are supplied as kits, each kit comprises a pH meter, a general purpose pH electrode, three buffer capsules and bottles, all housed in a customised carrying case.

Order code : 862-080

pH-buffer capsules pH buffer capsules are available in 3 standard values, 4pH, 7pH and 9pH. Each capsule makes 100ml of solution when mixed with distilled water. Supplied in packs of 10 capsules.

Order code : 816-004    pH4

                  816-007    pH7

                  816-009    pH9        

pH-elektrodes The ETI-8000 can be used with three different electrods for different purpose.

Order code : 823-501.

pH-general purpose elektrodes This plastic bodied electrode is suitable for general purpose, liquid and semi-solid pH measurements.

Dimensions : diam. : 12 mm/lenght 120 mm

Order code : 823-501

Spear elektrode This glass, spear-shaped penetration pH electrode is suitable for insertion into semi-solid materials or liquids.

Dimensions : diam. : 6mm/lenght : 120mm

Order code : 823-503

Spear elektrode HD This strong, glass, spear-shaped penetration pH electrode is suitable for insertion into semi-solid materials, liquids, soil or compost.

Dimensions: diam. : 12mm/lenght : 120mm

Order code : 823-502



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