A range of PT100 probes designed for use with the industrial PT100 panel thermometers. Alternative probe designs can be manufactured by request.

  PT 100 - industrial probe 

These low cost standard industrial probes are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. Supplied with a two metre PVC or PTFE lead (3-wire). Maximum probe temperature PVC lead + 100°C. Maximum probe temperature PTE lead + 200°C.

Order code

160-444 diameter 4,8 mm

160-449 diameter 6 mm


  PT100 - wall-mounted air probe



These wall-mounted air probes are housed an ABC case for surface mounting. Supplied with a two metre PVC lead (3-wire). Maximum case temperature +80°C.


Order code: 160-481


  PT100-Heavy Duty industrial probe

This heavy duty PT100 probe is suitable for a wide variety of permanent installations. Supplied complete with an alloy terminal head (3-wire). Maximum probe temperature +200°C.

Ordercode :160-410


  PT100-probe EJB with silicone lead

This stainless steel probe can be delivered by ordering fwith tube 8, 10 or 12 mm (outside diameter), lenght - 100 mm (other lenght by request). 2, 3 or 4-wires PT100 is possible. Also possible two PT100-elements montage in one probe. The cable is silicone, lenght - according to need.

EJB / PT100 / SIL / diameter 10 mm / 3-draads / L = 10 m.


Calibration : by Bercu nv is possible (see extra info >>)

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