The Thermo-Hygrograph  is the precision recording instrument for temperature and relative humidity.

   This instrument are highly recommended for the registration of temperature and humidity in industrial, agricultural enterprises, shops, ofices, work places, museums, for historical monuments, archives, etc.


  Revolution time : daily, weekly, monthly

  Temperature : -15C tot +65C

  Humidity : 0 tot 100 % RH

  Range of temperature : 0,5C

  Range of humidity : 3 % RH

  Sensor : bimetal / hair

  Clockwork : mechanical

  High of registration : 80 mm per measuring range

  Registration drum, diameter : 93,3 mm

  Registration drum, height : 186 mm

  Power supply : battery type LR06 (autonomous operation 12 month)

  Dimensions : 290 x 145 x 260 mm

  Weight : 3130 g


Registration time The thermo-hygrograph is alternatively equipped with a mechanical or electronic quartz clockwork. The clockwork can be set to daily, weekly or monthly revolution in next to no time. The time for one revolution will be 25.6 h / 176 h /783 h.

The recording instruments are delivered together with fibre tips and recording charts needed for one year of operation.

The sensor of the thermograph is a U-shaped bimetal of high specific deflection. It reacts with a low response time to temperature changes.

The hygrograph uses the change of lengt of human hair or synthetic fibres depending on the moisture contained in the air. For measurements in production and in storerooms are recommended the use of hygrographs with syntetic fibres, because they need less maintenance then hair-hygrographs and are less sensative against contamination.

Accessoires Each thermo-hygrograph supplies with60 sheets of chart paper and 4 pieces of fibre tips.


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