High-speed moisture meter for grain, oilseeds and other granular crops.

   Direct reading of the moisture content for all kinds of grain, without table conversions or corrections, by precise adjustment of calibration for each kind of grain by setting an individual code number.


  Easy to use


  Immediately measuring

  No weighing or grinding of the test sample required

  Display : LCD-display 3 digits, high 13 mm

  Two selectors for setting individual code number of each kind of grain

  Measuring range : 4 to 32 % moisture

  Automatic compensation : 10 to 50C

  Calibration : automatic

  Power supply : 9V battery type IEC6F22 or NiCd-battery

  Size : 180 x 115 x 53 mm

  Weight : 400 gram

   Fully automatic instrument setting  


Description The Hydromette G 86 allows fast precision measurement of the moisture content in all common cereals, oilseeds and other granular crops both during harvesting and in storage and further processing.

Use for :

- wheat

- rye

- barley

- oats

- maize

- rice

- rape

- millet

- sesame

- soya beans

- raw coffee

- pepper

- linseed

- etc.


The special calibration necessary for each kind of crop can be provided for the first time with the Hydromette G86 by setting an individual code number, thus eliminating the need for correcting or converting the readings.

Standard accessory In addition to the measuring vessel M 22 supplied as standard accessory for precise single measurements.


Accessories : a special stick-in electrode M 20-G with 200 mm long insulated pins is also available for fast multiple measurements of grain in sacks.

Order number : 3950

Order number : 2750 for meter complete with standard accessories

Order number : 5100 for NiCd-battery : 110 - 220 V together with accumulator.


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