Electronic four-in-one meter designed for measurement of wood moisture, structural moisture, air humidity and temperature, with digital LCD readout, automatic temperature compensation and very precise correction facility for all species of wood.


  Easy to use

  Immediately measurement

  Two selectors for different species of wood

  Selector for automatc temperature compensation

  Measuring of wood moisture : 4 to 100% m.c.

  Measuring of moisture : 0 to 80 digits

  Air humidity : 7 to 98% R.H.

  No calibration necessary

  Battery control

  Supplied with case and sensor M20

  Power supply : 9V battery (IEC 6 F 22)

  Afmetingen : 180 x 115 x 53mm

  Weight : 380 g

Options for : temperature measurement, R.H., depth of moisture,...


The Cann Hydromette RTU 600 has been specially dveloped for architects, housing contractors, surveyors or anyone requiring reliable measuring in order to to avoid or to assess complaints. This instrument is of course ideal for monitoring artificial or natural timber drying. The Hydromette RTU 600 incorporates a highly sophisticated, fully electronic 4-circuit measuring system for fast, accurate measurements. The four integrated measuring ranges can perform tasks which previously required several different instruments.

Principal features and technical data:

Direct reading by digital LCD. Reading accuracy 0.1% or 0.1C.

Automatic temperature compensation when measuring timber moisture (-10 to +90C).

Fast, reliable measuring of moisture in timber, derived products, veneers etc. using the resistance method.

Fast, reliable measuring of moisture in set building materials (e.g. plaster, screed, concrete, aerated concrete etc.) using the resistance method.

Non destructive measurement of structural moisture using the active electrode B 50 and B 60.

Precision by use of quadruple conductor Pt 100 measurement resistors (10 different probes available).


Pt-electrodes : temperature electrodes, direct connected to the RTU600. Use for all materials.

B50-electrode : for non-destructive location of moisture concentration in building materials and moisture distribution in walls, ceilings and floor (measure to a depth up to 120 mm).

IR33-electrode : temperature measure without contact.

MB35-electrode : moisture measure of surface of concrete. 


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