The Uni1 with the B50 electrode is universal indicating instrument for measurement of structural moisture, air humidity, temperature and wood moisture in all kind building materials. It is an unique instrument and can measure humidity to depth to 120 mm. 


  Separate sensor

  Possibility to take off temperature electrodes

  Use for normal and external environment

  Direct reading by digital LCD

  Fully automatic meter calibration

  Automatic battery control

  Supplied with carrying case and electrode B50

  Power supply : 9V battery (IEC 6 F 22)

  US patent : Nr. 4.588.943

  Size of meter : 140 x 90 x 42/50mm

  Weight : 200g

  Measuring : until 120mm


Leek detection With this instrument you can easy to find leek in any part of a construction (wools, floor,...), even if it is not visible. It give possibilities to find places with  higher humidity locale, without damage construction. Detection is fast, immediate end economy.

By the combination of two separate pieces, this instrument can be use in inaccessible for other instruments places.

Measurement The method is usually used for depth measurements in buildings (sandstone, rough stone, wet walls with efflorescence, etc.) where measurements based on the resistance measurement method give no reproducible results.

Can be use for :

- Experts

- Architects

- Painters

- Restaurateurs

- Any kind of floor surface

- General building construction engineers

- Contractors (building, roof, heating...)




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