Selection of elektrodes

  Elektrodes for Wood Moisture Measurement

  Elektrodes for Moisture Measurement in Building Materials

  Active Electrodes for Moisture Measurement in Building Materials

  Electrodes for temperature measurement

  Flexible Pt 100 Temperature Sensors

  Electrodes for measurement of air relative humidity 

  Stick-in electrode M 6 

For measurement on hard, set building materials (mortar, concrete, etc.). With two each electrode pins 23 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm long (only to be used with contact paste).

Ref.No. 3700

Ref No. 5400 (contact paste)


  Drive-in electrode M 20

For measurement of soft, set building materials (plaster, gypsum, etc.), timber. The electrode body is of impact resistant plastic, including 10 spare pins 16 mm and 23 mm long.

Ref No. 3300


  Actieve elektrode MH 34

With integrated measuring circuit for measurement of high moisture contents in coniferous wood, specially in case of water-borne storage and pre-sorting of freshly cut timber for kiln drying.

Measuring range : 40 to 200 % m.c.

Ref No. 3370

  Ram-in electrode M 18

For measurement in depth of timber up to about 180 mm thick. With 10 each uninsulated electrode pins 40 and 60 mm in lenght. Teflon insulated electrode needles 45 mm or 60 mm for point measurements at any desired depth or board section are available on special order.

Ref No. 3500

Ref No. 4550 (pins l=45 mm)

Ref No. 4500 (pins l=60 mm)


  Active elektrode B 50

Electrode with integrated electronics, designed for non-destructive location of moisture concentration in building materials and moisture distribution in walls, ceilings and floors. the electrode uses a patented process to create a high frequency field which penetrates to a depth up tp  120 mm depending on the density of the building material tested.

Measuring renge : 0 to 199 Digits scanning range (moisture classification according to table)

                         0.3 to 8.5% of dry weight (0.3 to 6.5% CM), conversion according to building material as per reference table.

Ref No. 3750

  Surface measurement caps M 20-OF 15

For moisture measurements on veneers and surfaces without damaging the material. Only in conjunction with electrodes M 20 end M 18. Effective up to a depth of abt. 3 3 mm.

Ref No. 4315


  Special elektrode RF-T 28

For high-speed testing of air relative humidity and air temperature, complete with connection cable.

Measuring range : 7 to 98 % R.H., -10 to +80C.

Ref No. 3155
  Stick-in electrode pins M 20-HW

Designed for use on chips, woodwool, veneer piles, etc. with uninsulated tips.

Use only in conjunction with electrode M 20.

Ref No. 4350 (l =200 mm)

Ref No. 4355 (l = 300 mm)


  Pt 100 temperature sensor ET 10

Robust stick-in temperature sensor for solid substances, bulk materials and fluids, probe length 100 mm, diameter 3 mm, measuring range: -50 to +250C.

Ref No. 3165

Pt 100 temperature sensor TT 40

Robust immersion and combustion gas temperature sensor with long probe, probe length 480 mm, diameter 5 mm, measuring range : -50 to +350C.

Ref No. 3180

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