The delivery program DS4 of Hirschmann complies connection materials such as : measuring leads with silicone insulation and integrated banana plugs, chassis parts, clamp test prods,  test prods with steel point for penetrating insulation, heavy duty crocodile clamps, robust banana plugs. 

Clips, leads, banana plugs, chassis parts, clips, cest prods, crocodile clips, etc. :

   SML100 : measuring lead with 4mm plug/material silicone/l=1m (red & black)

   SML200 : measuring lead with 4 mm plug/material silicone/l=2 m (red & black)

   BIL20 : connection socket 4 mm/screwed or soldered, h = 5 mm (red & black)

   PKI10A : connection terminal for 4 mm plug screwed or soldered (red & black)

   KLEPS30 : flexible grip prod for 4 mm plug l=100mm (red & black)

   AK2S : heavy duty crocodile clip 4 mm type, span 9.5mm (red & black)

   BULA20K : banana plug 4mm for cable till 1.5mm2 (red & black)

   PRUF2 : test prod with steel tip (red & black)

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