Representing a price/performance breakthrough in thermal imaging, the Fluke Ti20 lowers the entry threshold for this powerful technology. Designed for industrial applications, the Ti20 puts the capabilities of thermal imaging within the hands of service and maintenance personnel who know the facility and equipment best.
   Just point at the target, focus the instrument, and it automatically adjusts the temperature range to show a crisp image.


  Detector : Focal Plane-Array (FPA)


  Uncooled Microbolometer

  Field of view : 20° Horizontal x 15° Vertical

  Spectral range : 7,5  µm - 14 µm

  Temperature range : -10°C to 350°C

  Accuracy : 2°C or ± 2 %

  LCD display :TFT technology 70,5 x 53,5 mm

  4 different colour palettes

  Laser : included

  Optical resiolution (D:S) : 75:1

  Adjustable emissivity : 0,1 to 1,0 by 0.01

  Focus : focusable 61 cm to infinity

  Tharmal analysis: InsideIR (included)

  Dimensions (camera) : 254 x 102 x 178 mm

  Weight : 1,2 kg with batteries

Description  Easy to use, thanks to one-handed ‘point-and-shoot’ operation and intuitive on-screen guidance, the Ti20 Thermal Imager does not require specialist training to obtain accurate measurements. Just point at the target, focus the instrument, and it automatically adjusts the temperature range to show a crisp image. When the user pulls the trigger, the image and associated measurement data is stored. Through the software (included), key image parameters can be changed to optimize the image and extract maximum detail without going back to the factory floor.

High performance, designed for industrial use :

- Uses revolutionary detector technology to provide a clear thermal image while accurately measuring the temperature

- Measures up to 350 °C to cover a broad range of industrial applications

- Protected against dust and moisture (IP54 rated) to withstand harsh industrial environments

- Provides 3 hours continuous operation per battery charge


Building industry

Predictive Maintenance Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.

Quality control Examining prototypes and parts for potential heat related design deficiencies enables companies to release better and more durable products to the market.

Industrial maintenance Check whether repairs have been performed successfully.

Process Monitoring Monitoring and observing temperatures of processes in real-time can save time and money by ensuring that they are operating safely and efficiently.

Research and Development Visualizing and quantifying the heat patterns generated enables engineers to imporove their product as well as the processes used to create it.


Detector : Focal Plane Array (FPA), Uncooled Microbolometer

Spectral band : 7,5 µm to 14 µm

Thermal Sensivity (NETD) : <0,2°C at 30°C

Focusing : Manual

Digital Display : 3 inch, large color LCD/TFT technology 70,5 x 53,5 mm

Palettes : 4 unique palettes available

Storage device : Flash memory (stores 50 images)

Laser On icon : included

Measurement Mode icon : included

Low Battery icon : included

Temperature Range : -10°C to 350°C

Ambient operating temperature : -10 to 50°C

Accuracy : ± 2°C or ± 2 %

Adjustable emissivity : 0,1 to 1,0 by 0,01

Measurement modes : automatic or manual selectable

Field of view (FOV) : 20° horizontal x 15° vertical

Spatial Resolution (IFOV) : 2,8 mrad IFOV

Battery : recheargable battery pack

Battery Operating Time : 3 hours continuous operation

Data transfer : USB interface, total transfer time 25 s for 50 pictures

Weight : 1,2 kg including battery

Size : 254 x 102 x 178 mm camera only

Tripod Mounting : 1/4" - 20 UNC

Operating Temperature : 0°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature : -25°C to +70°C

Humidity : Operating and storage 10% to 95%, non-condensing

Encapsulation : Designed for IP54


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