The Fluke Ti35 models feature everything needed for virtually every thermography task. With a 160 x 120 detector and a temperature sensitivity to 0,08C (NETD) they deliver high resolution images where even the smallest temperature differences can be seen.
   The units are extremely easy to use through the Windows CE menu structure and offer an extended troubleshooting feature set to allow on the spot analysis in the field.

  Focal Plane Array (FPA) : 160 x 120

  Uncooled Microbolometer

  Field of view : 23 Horizontal x 17 Vertical

  Temperature range : -20C to 350C (in 2 ranges)

  5-inch high resolution

  Sunlight readable colour LCD

  Eight different colour palettes

  180-degree articulating lens joint

  Intuitive operation with on-camera Windows

  Highly sensitive detector

  FlexView companion software package

  Precise non-contact full-screen temperature measurement

  Programmable buttons

Description The new IR FlexCam Ti35 is a fully radiometric, portable, video rate infrared camera that combines unprecedented ease of use with advanced functionality. It's a combination that makes for a powerful, revolutionary infrared camera, capable of instantly detecting and pinpointing electrical, mechanical and other condition based problems.

The FlexCam features a rugged, lightweight and ergonomic design. The unique 180 articulating lens joint and the 5" image display allows the user to easily rotate the camera lens and facilitates a clear and detailed view while scanning awkwardly positioned targets. TheFlexView companion software expedites downloading and provides comprehensive post-image analysis and report generation capabilities.


Predictive Maintenance Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.

Quality control Examining prototypes and parts for potential heat related design deficiencies enables companies to release better and more durable products to the market.

Industrial maintenance Check whether repairs have been performed successfully.

Process Monitoring Monitoring and observing temperatures of processes in real-time can save time and money by ensuring that they are operating safely and efficiently.

Research and Development Visualizing and quantifying the heat patterns generated enables engineers to imporove their product as well as the processes used to create it.

Use of infrared technology to detect and see temperature differences allows people to accomplish many things not possible or easily done in other ways:

- Moisture Detection: A key to prevention of mold growth
Infrared Inspection of Roofs
Building Envelope
Mechanical Systems
Electrical Systems


Detector : Focal Plane Array (FPA) Vanadium Oxide (VOx), Uncooled Microbolometer

Spectral band : 8m to 14 m

Thermal Sensivity  (NETD) : <0,1C at 30C

Focusing : Manual

Digital Image Enhancement : Automatic Full-time Enhanced

Digital Display : 5 inch large high-resolution, 320 x 240, sunlight readable colour LCD

On-screen Indicators : Indicate status of battery, target emissivity, background temperature and real-time clock

Palettes : 8 unique palettes available

Storage Medium : 512 MB Compact Flash Card (stores 1000 images)

Text Annotation of Images : User definable, automatically included in reports

Temperature Range : -20C to 350C in 2 ranges

Range 1 = -20C to 100C

Range 2 = -20C to 350C

Accuracy : 2C or 2 %

Measurement Modes : Center point, center box/full-image area min/max, average, movable spot, automatic hot and cold point detection

Emissivity Correction : Based on user input. Variable from 0,1 to 1,0

Measurement Correction : Automatic, based on user input for background temperature and optics

Field of view : 42 horizontal x 32 vertical

Spatial Resolution (IFOV) : 2,60 mrad IFOV

Battery Type : Li-Ion Smart Battery, rechargeable, field-replaceable

Battery Operating Time : 3 hours continuous operation

Battery Charging : 2 bay intelligent charger powered via AC outlet or 12V from car (optional)

AC Operation : AC adapter 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Saving : Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user specified)

Video Output : RS170 EIA/NTSC or CCIR/PAL composite video

USB : USB peripheral devices (mouse, etc.)

Weight : 1,95 kg including battery

Size : 101 mm x 262 mm x 162 mm camera only

Tripod Mounting : 1/4" - 20 UNC

Operating Temperature : -10C to +50C

Storage Temperature : -40C to +70C

Humidity : Operating and storage 10% to 95%, non-condensing

Encapsulation : Designed for IP54

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