fluke Infrared Solutions IR In-SIGHT

   Simply turn on the In-Sight and begin scanning and capturing images : “point and shoot”. A video rate portable infrared camera with outstanding image quality (In-Sight T: with precision temperature measurement).
   You can find damaged areas fast, detect developing problems and make more thrugh assessments even where damage isn’t immediately evident. 



  Digital display : 9 cm LCD

  Digital storage medium : internal

  Flash Memory Image capacity : 150 images

  Image transfer : RS-232/USB connection to PC

  Image review mode : review stored images on camera display

  Detector : uncooled microbolometer

  Microbolometer : 160 x 120 pixel array

  Pixel size : 51 µm square pixels

  Spectral band : 8 µm - 14 µm

  NETD : <100 mK @30°C

  Cryogenic cooloing : none required

  Battery : NiCd 12V 2Amp

  Battery life : 3 hours

  Dimensions : 127 x 90 x 280 mm

  Weight (with battery) : 1,8 kg

Description A video rate portable infrared camera with outstanding image quality (In-Sight T: with precision temperature measurement).

IR-InSight : Perform instant roofing surveys and grow your business. Now you can instantly and accurately identify roofing problems with IR-InSight, the affordable infrared camera. You can find damaged areas fast, detect developing problems, and make more thorough assessments even where damage isn't immediately evident. The IR-InSight is also the ideal tool for moisture detection in building restoration and mold prevention/remediation applications.
IR-InSight T : The IR-InSight T offers unmatched temperature measurement accuracy and the best image quality on the market. Easily pinpoint hot spots, accurately measure temperature and store images for immediate reporting.


Industrial Roofing : IR-InSight : the incredible sensitivity of the IR-InSight makes a water saturated roof insulation stand out. Its large display allows the user to easily find the questionable roof sections then snap up to 150 high quality infrared images. Included is SightView software to colorize and store the images in formats ready for high quality proposals.

IR-InSight T : the outstanding thermal sensitivity and image quality of the IR-InSight T combined with the large 9 cm display allows positive identification of moisture problems. This simple rugged tool with one button operation allows you to quickly capture high quality thermal images of problem areas, saving time and money.
Insulation / Building Envelope Inspection The IR-InSight is perfect for detection of moisture accumulation, missing insulation, thermal bridges and air leakage. These conditions cause unique thermal profiles that are captured by the IR-InSight. Either snap images or create full video capture, using the RS-170 video output connection into your portable video recorder.
Electrical Systems Monitoring Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.

Facility Maintenance Plants & facilities contain a diverse assortment of critical equipment that can benefit from routine predictive and preventive thermal inspections. Together, the IR-InSight T camera and included SightView software provide the simplest method available to accurately inspect and monitor critical facility equipment for thermal anomalies.

 Manufacturing Continuous demand to reduce downtime, waste, and costs while increasing performance, yields, and revenues are constant challenges. The IR-InSight T can easily and accurately monitor, identify, and help resolve heat related problems to prevent and minimize downtime while increasing profits.

Power & Utilities Substations, transmission lines, transmission equipment, power connections, and other electrical components can benefit from routine thermal monitoring. Potential problems can be diagnosed and repaired before they become catastrophic problems - saving significant dollars on extensive repairs and downtime.



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