EJB M3 & M4 portable Infrared cameraS

  The M3 & M4 are the smallest, fully-radiometric, portable, video rate, high performance infrared camera with excellent image quality.
   Ultra light, ultra small, ultra easy to use and ultra functional. The M3 & M4 with a temperature range measurement from -20C to 250C combine unprecedented ease of use with a rich set of functionality. Thermal, video and audio annotation.

  Spectral band : 8 m to 14 m (160 x 120 pixels)

  Detector : Uncooled Microbolometer

  Temperature range : -20C to 250C

  Accuracy : 2C / 4F or 2% of reading

  Palettes : 8 palettes, 256 colours (8 bit)

  Digital display : 2,2" TFT & 1,2" CSTN high resolution LCD

  Digital video camera : CMOS sensor, 640 x 480 pixels

  On-screen indicators: status of battery, alarm, time

  Storage medium : built-in flash memory 1 GB capacity

  File Formats Supported : .iri (infrared + visual images & voice annotation)

  Shock / Vibration : 25G, IEC 68-2-29 / 2G, IEC 68-2-6

  Size : 120 x 60 x 30 mm

  Weight : 0,265 kg including battery

Description The M3 & M4 are fully-radiometric, portable, video rate infrared camera with excellent image quality and instant non-contact temperature measurement. The compact design offers high quality thermal and visual (VGA) images with voice annotation, on-board image processing, large capacity memory and practical USB connectivity.

Ergonomically efficient design facilitates scanning of awkwardly positioned targets and reduces user fatigue. Programmed buttons allow for quick access to frequently used commands. Easily attach customised comments to images (visual and voice annotation).

High sensitive detector produces exceptionally clear and bright thermal and IR images. Eight different colour pallets and  automatic full-time enhancements results in exceptional image quality. Exceptionally easy to use. Software package expedites image downloading and analysis. Provides all the needs to analyse, organize and store your infrared and digital (VGA) images.


Predictive Maintenance Identifying and fixing electrical and mechanical problems can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures and save time, lives and money.

Quality control Examining prototypes and parts for potential heat related design deficiencies enables companies to release better and more durable products to the market.

Process Monitoring Monitoring and observing temperatures of processes in real-time can save time and money by ensuring that they are operating safely and efficiently.

Research and Development Visualizing and quantifying the heat patterns generated enables engineers to improve their product as well as the processes used to create it.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals Detection of tank levels, inspection of motors, pumps, etc.

Electrical and electronics, generators, transmissions Detection of overheating, connections; maintenance processes, ...

Medicine and veterinary Detection and observation to discover or to predict damages.



Thermal Sensitivity : ≤120 mk at 30C / at 50/60 Hz

Images : Thermal & visual (VGA)

Electronic Zoom : 2x

Digital image : Automatic Full-time Enhanced

Digital Video Camera :  CMOS Sensor, 640 x 480 pixels, 16,7 million colours

Text Annotation of Images : User definable, automatically included in reports + Voice annotation

Measurement Modes : Auto hot-spot trace, 4 moveable spots, 4 moveable areas (min, max, average), sound alarm, isotherm

Emissivity Correction : Based on user input. Variable from 0,1to 0,99 (0,01 increments)

Automatic Adjustment : Temperature, distance, RH, atmospheric transmission, ext. optics

Field of view : 16 x 25

Spatial Resolution (IFOV) : 2,75 mrad IFOV

Battery Type : Li-Ion Battery, rechargeable, replaceable

Battery Operating Time : 2+ hours continuous operation

AC Operation : AC adapter

Power Saving : Automatic shutdown and sleep mode

Video Output : PAL Composite Video

USB : USB 1,1; image (thermal & visual), measurement, voice and digital video transfer to PC

Operating Temperature : -10C to +50C (-40 to 60C optional)

Storage Temperature : -20C to +60C

Humidity : Operating and storage 10% to 95%, non-condensing

Encapsulation : Designed for IP54



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