The C320T intelligent multiport serial system offers up to 128 ports of RS232 or RS422.

   The onboard state-of-the-art CPU and 512kB of memory allow for a dramatic reduction in the loading of the host computer's CPU.

   This is the ideal solution for systems that interface to a large number of serial devices.

   Tests carried out with a 32 port system have shown that the C320T can reduce the load on a host PC by up to 68%.  It also has an exceptional number of supported OS drivers, see the specifications for details.




  512kB RAM + RISC processor unburdens the host PC5

  Simultaneous 460.8kbaud per channel

  Up to 4 boards in one PC gives 128 RS232/422 ports

  8 to 32 RS232/422 serial ports via each plug-in board

  Optional opto-isolated RS422 removes ground loop problems

  RTS and CTS control signals available on RS422 lines

  Baud rate : 50bps to 460,8kbps on each channel

  Operating temperature:: 0 to +55C

  Parity : None/even/odd/space/mark

  Number of ports : 128 max per PC (4 x 32)

  Mainstrem OS bijstaan : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP en Linux

  Other OS support: DOS, Unix, SCO open server, SCO Unix, QNX 4.2.x, FreeBSD


Order code :

909 93 210 C32010T/PCI PCI control board for C320T system

909 88 868 C32010T ISA control board for C320T system

909 88 870 C32030T external CPU module for C320T system

909 88 869 C32020T 2m interconnect cable for C320T system

909 89 425 C32045T 8 port RS232 module DB25 female connectors for C320T system

909 89 535 C32081T Rackmount 16 port RS232 UART module and CPU module combination RJ45 connectors

909 89 426 C32065T 8 port RS422 module DB25 female connector for C320T system 2kV isolation

909 88 873 C32050T long range extension kit permits board to CPU module distance up to 100m long range cable not included


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