Infrared Solutions IR SnapShot

   The IR SnapShot camera comes complete with everything necessary to take and analyze high quality thermal images, and generate customized reports. The following items are included with every standard IR SnapShot.


  Thermoelectric (TE) detector array

  120x120 resolution, 50 µm pixels, 16 bit digital data

  Longwave 8 to 12 µm infrared wavelengths

  8,0 Mbyte ATA Flash Card stores 280 images

  Ultra-wide dynamic range (0 to 350°C standard), up to 600°C available

  Crisp 4,0 inch LCD display panel

  Selectable NTSC/PAL video panel

  IR SnapView Windows 95/95/NT based image analysis software standard

  Optional RS-232 communications package includes IR SnapVieuw Pro for remote control  

Description The Infrared SnapShot camera is a precision portable uncooled infrared imaging radiometer based on the Honeywell thermoelectric (TE) sensor. The thermoelectric sensor is inherently radiometric and exhibits excellent dynamic range. Accurate temperature measurement combined with low cost make the IR SnapShot ideal for cost-sensitive applications such as predictive and preventive maintenance, quality control and new product development. The intuitive user interface and controls make learning and using this revolutionary camera a snap.IR Snapshot back

- Determine the temperature of any point in the image

- Adjust image emissivity and background temperature

- Draw shapes or points on the image and display statistics about the temperatures in those areas

- Compare two images to detect trends

- View isotherms (areas of equal temperature)

- View and enter information about the image

- Adjust image palette (colours) and scaling to enhance image features or to compare images

- Export an image as an Excel data file or as a standard graphic (JPEG, BMP, etc.) image

- View a histogram of the image temperatures

- Print an image

- Transfer images to the computer using a PCMCIA flash card

- Automatically generate custom reports in Word 97 format

Application Use of infrared technology to detect and see temperature differences allows people to accomplish many things not possible or easily done in other ways:

- Moisture Detection: A key to prevention of mold growth
Infrared Inspection of Roofs
Building Envelope
Mechanical Systems
Electrical Systems

Lowest Cost Uncooled Technology The core technology in our uncooled camera systems is the patented Honeywell thermoelectric (TE) detector array. This low-cost sensor is fabricated using advanced silicon micro-machining technology. It is composed of 120 pixels arranged on a line. By moving this linear array of pixels behind the lens, a two-dimensional image is produced.

Point and Click Taking infrared pictures is a snap with the IR SnapShot camera. Push the snapshot button and a crisp infrared image is produced in less than 1,5 seconds - complete with temperature data. Hold down the snapshot button and the camera enters a real-time sweep mode for focusing or scanning large areas for trouble spots. Push the snapshot button again to acquire the image.

On-board Image Analysis and Storage Image temperatyre data can be instantly analysed on the camera by maneuvering the cursor over the image with the user interface buttons. Emissivity can be easily adjusted to ensure accurate temperature readings. Images can be stored on the built-in PCMCIA memory card. Store up to 280 images on the standard 8,0 Mbyte ATA flash card or hundreds or even thousands on optional high-density cards.


Detector :  120 element linear array of uncooled thermoelectric detectors, 50 µm square pixels

System Dynamic Range : 12 bits usable with digitizing resolution of 16 bits

FOV : 17,2 degrees horyzontal and 17,2 degrees vertical

Lens : Germanium 20mm, F/0,8, focus 10" to infinity

Spectral Band : 8 µm to 12 µm, anti-reflection coated Germanium optics

NETD : 0,1°C @ 30°C

Accuracy : 2°C or 2% reading

Measurement Temperatures : 0 to 350°C (custom ranges available within -30°C to 600°C)

Operating Temperature : 0 to 40°C (0 to 50°C custom available)

Power Input : NP-98 compatible camcorder battery, 3 AH

Image Scan Time : <1,5 seconds

Battery Operating Time : >60 minutes with 3 AH battery, up to 12 hours with optional 14,4 AH battery belt

Image Storage : 8,0 Mbyte ATA Flash PC Card stores 280 images

Communications : RS-232, 300 to 115K baud selectable

Display : 102 mm/4,0 inch active matrix colour LCD, high luminance

Video Output : Selectable NTSC/PAL

Functions : Focus, snap, store, scan, recall, hot spot, frame average, histogram, and setup menu

Setup Menu Options : Emissivity, background temperature, temperature units, color palette, autoscale and fixed ranges, focus width, time, date, RS-232 baud rate, NTSC/PAL select

Size : 240 x 100 x130 mm/9,4 x 3,9 x 5,1 inches, L x W x H, not including lens

Weight : <2,0 Kg/4,4 lbs with lens and battery

Standard Accessories : 3 AH camcorder battery, battery charger, video cable, padded neck strap, manual, SnapVieuw image analysis tool forWindows 95/95/NT, 8,0 Mbyte ATA flash card

Options : IR SnapView Pro, 10mm (35° FOV lens), 50 mm (6,87° FOV lens), AC power adapter, 14,4 AH battery belt

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